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Study reveals most Brits need a 'digital detox'
18 Feb 2013
Study reveals most Brits need a 'digital detox'
Almost half of Britons admit to having held conversations with someone in the same house using a phone or computer.The Halifax Insurance Digital Home Index also revealed that 73% of people would strug ...... Read more >
13 Oct 2014
Hotels in Brazil benefit from World Cup
The 2014 FIFA World Cup was undoubtedly one of the most anticipated sporting events of the year and one which the hotel industry in Bra...
28 Aug 2014
BA expects apprenticeship application surge
British Airways announced on August 21st that it was expecting lots of apprentice scheme applications following the recent exam results...
15 Aug 2014
The exhibition will take place in Washington DC, USA.
A range of 20 historical manuscripts that are not often put on show are set to appear at 'Nasta‘liq: The Genius of Persian Ca...
18 Jul 2014
Scottish flag at full mast.
Edinburgh airport handled more than 10 million passengers during the period between June last year and June 2014, becoming the first ai...
30 Apr 2014
Abu Dhabi sees increase in tourist numbers
A new report has confirmed that the travel and tourism industry is on the up in Abu Dhabi, which has invested huge sums in making itsel...
12 Feb 2014
China experiencing airport construction boom
China is rapidly expanding its airport infrastructure, with new facilities being built across the country. According to the govern...
20 Jun 2013
Premier League break no summer holiday for Saints
After the end of a tough Premier League campaign, Southampton's players were probably looking forward to a holiday. However, n...
7 Jun 2013
First female astronaut eyes Mars trip
The first woman in space, 76-year-old Russian Valentina Tereshkova, has declared she wants to become the first human to visit Mars.&nbs...
31 Jan 2013
Celebrate Carnevale at altitude
Revellers are being urged to join the party this February in Livigno, Italy, to celebrate Carnevale among the spectacular scenery of th...
2 Jan 2013
Etihad sets new passenger record in 2012
Etihad Airways has announced that it transported a record 10.29m passengers across its global network in 2012.The figure means the Abu ...
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