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Croc captured at Chicago airport
5 Nov 2013
Croc captured at Chicago airport
An alligator has been captured underneath an escalator at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport. The foot-long reptile was removed from Terminal 3 after a police officer trapped it under ...... Read more >
21 Mar 2014
Tourists given Macchu Picchu warning
Machu Picchu in Peru is undoubtedly one of the world's most impressive tourist destinations - yet is seems like the enthusiasm of s...
13 Feb 2014
Quirky holiday activities
It might sound like something from a James Bond film, but according to a company that manufactures them, jetpacks could soon be coming ...
9 Dec 2013
England fans find out what flights they need
Fans hoping to watch England's first game of World Cup 2014 have a long journey ahead of them after the team was drawn to play agai...
20 Aug 2013
London Southend airport top for satisfaction
If you're looking to book cheap flights, you might want to consider leaving from London Southend after it emerged number one of 35 ...
28 May 2013
World's tallest chair-o-planes open at Six Flags Texas
Those flying into Dallas in the USA won't be able to miss the newest attraction on the skyline after SkyScreamer opened at the Six ...
23 Apr 2013
Luxor hot air balloon flights resume
Tourists travelling to the Egyptian holiday destination of Luxor will once again be able to see the sights from the sky as hot air ball...
7 Mar 2013
May is family festival time in Brighton
Visitors to Brighton this May can take part in some of the numerous festival events being held in the city.Between 4 and 26 May, the Br...
1 Mar 2013
Indians flocking to visit friends and family in the UK
Hotels, attractions and tour operators are all benefitting from a surge in the number of Indians visiting the UK to visit friends and f...
5 Feb 2013
Ghostly plans for Gloucester prison
Gloucester should be turn into a paranormal tourist attraction when it closes, the city's resident 'Ghost Lady' has said.Ly...
8 Jan 2013
Explore Zambia 200 years after Livingstone
This year marks two centuries since the birth of the renowned explorer David Livingstone, who is credited with finding the Victoria Fal...