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British holidaymakers are most concerned by cost, research shows
17 Apr 2014
British holidaymakers are most concerned by cost, research shows
Cost is the most pressing concern for the majority of Brits when it comes to booking a holiday.That is according to a new survey, which found that 36 per cent of respondents consider this to be the mo ...... Read more >
17 Apr 2014
Bologna to open foodie theme park
The Italian city of Bologna is set to welcome a new theme park that will celebrate Italian cuisine, which is widely considered to be on...
Parents turn to tablets to keep their children quiet on long trips
News research has claimed that a tablet computer is the best way to keep kids entertained while on a family holiday.The study, conducte...
15 Apr 2014
UK beaches are cleaner than ever, says report
A new report has suggested that beaches in the UK are improving all the time and are now in the best shape they have been in for a numb...
London named Ultimate Sports City
London has been named as the Ultimate Sports City, beating off stiff competition along the way to claim the prestigious title.The UK ca...
Parents willing sacrifice their own happiness on holiday, study shows
A new report has underlined the importance of holidays for children.The study, conducted by HomeAway.co.uk, found that 76 per cent of p...
14 Apr 2014
Dubai prepares to welcome new tourist attraction
The Middle Eastern state of Dubai is already a hugely popular tourist destination among Brits and given the wide range of things to see...
Officials expect tourism spike in New Zealand
The New Zealand tourism market is set to see a major boost following a visit from the Royals, Prince William, Kate Middelton and their ...
11 Apr 2014
South Korean tax reform could lead to increase in visitors
The South Korean government has announced a tax reform in a bid to attract more tourists to this beautiful and historic country.Indeed,...
Time more important than money to travellers, survey shows
A new poll has revealed that travellers in the US are more concerned about saving time than they are about saving money.The research, c...
10 Apr 2014
UK visitors support Portugal tourist market
New research has underlined the importance of British tourists to the tourism industry in Portugal.According to the latest figures, la...
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