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Local pledges made by Gatwick as it plans expansion
25 Jul 2014
Local pledges made by Gatwick as it plans expansion
A range of pledges have been revealed by Gatwick Airport, which are aimed at making sure the local community will benefit if another runway is created there.These have been released as part of 'Co ...... Read more >
25 Jul 2014
Madame Tussauds' Ryan Gosling waxwork now on show in London
Earlier this week, a new Ryan Gosling waxwork was launched at Madame Tussauds in London.The sculpture of the star is staying on show at...
New York City.
Band The XX are set to take to the stage for a gig at The Guggenheim in New York City later this year, as part of an event to help rais...
24 Jul 2014
Rembrandt exhibition at the National Gallery
Starting October 15th, London's National Gallery will be presenting 'Rembrandt: The Late Works', an exhibition that will be...
Japan Legoland planned
Japan is set to get its own Legoland park - joining the likes of the UK and US as a Legoland location - Merlin Entertainments has annou...
23 Jul 2014
Malevich retrospective at Tate Modern until October
Big art shows open in London all the time: After all, the city is full of famous galleries.One of the most recent high-profile shows to...
The exhibition is taking place in the US.
The Portland Museum of Art in Oregon is currently presenting an exhibition on the artist Richard Estes, which will be in place until Se...
Debut European airport Nando's opens
Despite its popularity, until now Nando's has never opened a branch in a European airport.That has just changed though, as Nando...
Robin Hood Airport Doncaster Sheffield welcomes sculpture
A new work of art has been introduced to Robin Hood Airport Doncaster Sheffield. A sculpture stretching up four metres in height called...
22 Jul 2014
The Washington Monument, close to which the museum is being built.
One US tourist attraction that isn't around yet, but will be in the not too distant future, is The Smithsonian's National Museu...
Gatwick predicts 5.7 million passengers during the summer holidays
During the summer holiday period, Gatwick Airport predicts that it is set to handle over 5.7 million passengers.This coming Friday, Jul...
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