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See Miss Saigon in London this summer
27 May 2014
See Miss Saigon in London this summer
The relaunch of Miss Saigon in the West End of London has proven to be a successful move, according to Sir Cameron Mackintosh.The musical reopened in the capital earlier this week in front of an audie ...... Read more >
3 Nov 2014
International tourism continues to grow
The number of tourists travelling internationally have increased by 5% within the first eight months of this year.The research, which w...
14 Aug 2014
Communication tech gallery to open at Science Museum, London
Those curious to find out more about communication topics like electric telegraph, modern day mobile tech, TV, radio and much more, wil...
14 May 2014
Survey reveals cost of car travel in US
A new survey has confirmed that New York is now the most expensive place in the US to rent a car, with travellers in the city having to...
22 Apr 2014
Sterling has strengthened against the US dollar
Brits jetting off for a holiday in the US will be able to benefit from the most favourable exchange rate between sterling and the US do...
23 Sep 2013
Young travellers holiday spending up 40%
Young travellers spent an average of £2,500 each on foreign holidays last year, according to a new report. Fresh research by...
18 Jul 2013
Holidaying women miss dog more than partner, survey reveals
Dogs are supposed to be man's best friend, but according to a new survey, it's women who are closest to their pet pooches. ...
2 May 2013
Shortlist for wildlife caretaker in Australia announced
Four applicants from Britain have made it onto the shortlist for the role of wildlife caretaker on Kangaroo Island in South Australia, ...
16 Apr 2013
Give animals space, says Kruger official
Tourists visiting the Kruger National Park in South Africa have been urged to give animals space after two tourists were injured when t...
4 Feb 2013
Take it easy and enjoy some history on a boat ride in New Orleans
New Orleans is known around the world as a city of music and partying but thanks to the fact historic paddleboats still travel up and d...
17 Jan 2013
Fly away with Delta's new iPad app
Passengers who get bored on long-haul flights have been given a new way to while away the hours when travelling with Delta.The airline&...