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Bangkok to build tallest skyscraper in Southeast Asia
21 Oct 2014
Bangkok to build tallest skyscraper in Southeast Asia
Thailand's capital, Bangkok, will soon be home to the tallest skyscraper in Southeast Asia thanks to new plans to develop a 125-storey ‘Super Tower’.However, those hoping to get a glim ...... Read more >
21 Oct 2014
(Image: Thinkstock) Surviving WW1 warship is to become a Belfast museum
One of the last surviving warships from the First World War is set to become a museum in Belfast.The HMS Caroline fought in the Battle ...
Celebrated temple becomes Singapore’s newest national monument
Singapore has reason to celebrate as it has named the Sri Thendayuthapani Temple as its newest national monument.The temple, which was ...
Travelling around Budapest to become easier thanks to a new app
Heading to a new city can often be daunting, especially when it comes to figuring out how to get from A to B using public transport.Now...
20 Oct 2014
Abu Dhabi to encourage visitors with social media
Those who are travelling to Abu Dhabi are being encouraged to share their experiences with the cyber world thanks to a new social media...
Vietnam visa approval to only take 2 days
Getting approval for a visa to Vietnam will be much easier now thanks to a new online service introduced by Vietnam-immigration.org.Vie...
San Diego’s SeaWorld welcomes a new addition
There were celebrations aplenty at San Diego’s SeaWorld at the weekend as the world famous aquatic park has welcomed a new baby d...
17 Oct 2014
 British Airways introduces a musical menu
Airplane food has, perhaps unfairly, not had the best reputation for being the most delicious of meals to consume, but that could all c...
London sees a record number of visitors in 2014
The number of tourists who visited London in the first six months of this year was record-breaking, according to the Office of National...
16 Oct 2014
Some of the greatest cemeteries to visit around the world
Cemeteries may not seem like the first place you would think of visiting when going on holiday to another country, but there really are...
New York begins See Your City campaign
It’s the city that never sleeps and is one of the most popular tourist destination throughout the four corners of the world. Ther...
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