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Persian calligraphy exhibition to open in Washington
15 Aug 2014
The exhibition will take place in Washington DC, USA.
A range of 20 historical manuscripts that are not often put on show are set to appear at 'Nasta‘liq: The Genius of Persian Calligraphy', an upcoming display at Washington's Smithsoni ...... Read more >
24 Oct 2014
Will South Florida become the USA’s 51st state?
The Sunshine State may be split into two, creating the USA’s 51st state, if officials in South Florida get their way.The reason b...
4 Aug 2014
Special airport performances in Edinburgh
With this year's Edinburgh Fringe Festival up and running, the city's Edinburgh Airport is hosting several performers in its te...
9 Apr 2014
London named top UK destination
London has been ranked as the number one travel destination in the UK by the popular website TripAdvisor, which rates tourist sites usi...
3 Oct 2013
Lithuania ramps up tourism efforts via social media
Lithuania has rolled out a social media campaign inviting internet users worldwide to share what they like most about the country.Set u...
10 Sep 2013
Strong demand for budget hotels in London
The number of people booking cheap hotels in London has soared so far this year, according to the latest financial reports. In its...
21 Aug 2013
Live parrot and a bag of onions among bizarre items left on planes
A live parrot has topped the list of the most bizarre items left behind by plane passengers. Other zany personal effects listed by...
14 Jun 2013
Mystery as private plane parked at Lagos petrol station
A plane caused pandemonium at a petrol station in Lagos, Nigeria, after it was parked at the pumps. As rumours of a crash landing ...
31 Jan 2013
Twilight star falls foul of local laws in Australia
British film actor Robert Pattinson has learnt the hard way that you must obey local laws while on holiday, after being given a warning...
21 Jan 2013
Experience Viking power in Denmark
Thanks to the marauding activities of the Danes in England between around 800 and 1100 AD these two European countries share a real his...
17 Jan 2013
Tourists flocked to Beijing in 2012
Beijing enjoyed a huge boost to its tourism industry last year, with revenues exceeding 360bn yuan (£36.2bn), according to new fi...