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Delta gives pilots tablet devices
4 Oct 2013
Delta gives pilots tablet devices
Flight operators Delta Airlines with equip its 11,000 pilots with Microsoft Surface tablets in a bid to reduce weight on its aircrafts, with a view to being entirely paperless by the end of next year. ...... Read more >
29 Oct 2014
 New York City gets a musical ambassador
She has just released her brand new album, 1989, this week to rave reviews and the good news keeps coming for pop superstar Taylor Swif...
3 Oct 2014
Travellers in Europe allowed to use phones on flights
People travelling throughout Europe will be able to fully use their portable electronic devices (PED) throughout flights, The European ...
21 Aug 2014
Sydney Opera House planning Oz school break activities
At a time of year when Brits will be looking to head to Australia to enjoy the warmer weather there, Sydney Opera House will host ...
28 Feb 2014
Travellers express desire to go green
The majority of people base their travel decisions on how environmentally friendly a company is, according to new research. In tot...
8 Nov 2013
More staycations predicted for 2014
Hotels in the UK are predicted to enjoy a good year in 2014, with staycating set to remain the most popular way to holiday among Brits....
16 Aug 2013
Swedish hotel yet to welcome any guests as tenth anniversary approaches
A hotel in Sweden is approaching its tenth anniversary but has yet to welcome a single guest. Originally the Hotell Alvkarlen, the...
21 Jun 2013
Best jobs competition boosts Australian tourism
Australia's tourism industry is celebrating the news that its latest Best Jobs in the World competition has led to a surge in the n...
29 Apr 2013
Sample Sarasota at a foodie festival in June
Want to experience Florida without going in for the whole theme park package? Try Sarasota County, often described as the 'hidden&#...
11 Apr 2013
Welsh museums enjoy visitor boost
Museums in Wales are celebrating 12 month of record-breaking attendance, with 1.75m people passing through their doors in 2012/13.The N...
29 Jan 2013
Edinburgh airport looking to expand flight options
Edinburgh Airport, which handles 9m passengers a year, is offering a £15m incentive to airlines considering using the Scottish hu...
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