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Rihanna face of Barbados travel campaign
3 Jan 2013
Rihanna face of Barbados travel campaign
Pop sensation Rihanna is the star of a new travel campaign from the Barbados Tourism Authority (BTA).The 'Where Have You Been' singer features in a video advertisement for the country, which s ...... Read more >
1 Aug 2014
Stats show 'Gone Girl' is book most often left on BA planes recently
It's that time of year when people are considering what to read when they head off on their summer holidays.Indeed, British Airways...
25 Feb 2014
Personal trainer explains how to get beach fit
Although booking a sunny beach holiday is tremendously exciting, the thought of having to step out in a bikini or board shorts can be n...
14 Jan 2014
Two-thirds of holidaymakers pay for breaks using savings
Nearly two in three holidaymakers will use their savings to pay for their vacation, according to a new survey by the Financial Services...
25 Nov 2013
Al Maktoum International to be 'world's largest hub airport'
Dubai's newest airport, Al Maktoum International, will be the largest hub in the world, according to its chief executive. Paul...
12 Nov 2013
Canyonlands National Park gearing up for 50th anniversary celebrations
The Canyonlands National Park in Utah, USA, is preparing to host its 50th anniversary celebrations in 2014.Friends of Arches and Canyon...
12 Sep 2013
BA rolling out hand-baggage-only fares at Heathrow and London City
British Airways is preparing to roll out its hand-baggage-only fares at Heathrow and London City after the scheme proved popular at Gat...
8 Jul 2013
Britain's parks and gardens are big tourist draw
The UK's gardens and parks are one of the country's biggest tourist draws, new research has shown. More than a third of th...
30 May 2013
Dr Beach unveils his pick of the USA's strips of sands
Dr Stephen Leatherman, director of the Laboratory for Coastal Research at Florida International University, a.k.a 'Dr Beach', h...
14 May 2013
Doctors encouraged to check-in with airlines
Turkish Airlines is the latest carrier to offer doctors air miles in return for registering their details.Lufthansa and Austrian Airlin...
26 Feb 2013
Half want to text while airborne
Around 50% of air passengers would like to text while airborne, according to a new study.A survey of 2,000 British travellers also reve...