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A new WWI memorial has been revealed in France
12 Nov 2014
A new WWI memorial has been revealed in France
In honour of the end of this year's Rememberance Day to commemorate 100 years since the beginning of World War One, a brand new memorial has been revealed.The International Memorial of Notre Dame ...... Read more >
11 Nov 2014
Dubai’s new tram is now open
It’s been years in the making and today (11 November) Dubai’s Tram has finally started rolling with passenger services begi...
Hunger Games fans will want to hit London for a stage spectacular
The Hunger Games, based upon the novels by Suzanne Collins, has become one of the most popular and highly anticipated box office franch...
Take in a different view of the Thames
The river Thames is without a doubt one of the most famous in the world, alongside the likes of the Nile and Amazon.Not only does it fe...
10 Nov 2014
Egypt will allow visitors to get close to the Sphinx
People who are planning a trip to Egypt in the hopes of experiencing some of the most famous sites in the world are in luck as it has b...
7 Nov 2014
Rock out with the Foo Fighters on Independance Day
Legendary rock band, Foo Fighters, will be making sure that the July 4th 2015 celebrations are some to always remember, as they have an...
British to thank for boost in Australian tourism
The number of British visitors heading to Australia is continuing to increase, and in doing so is creating a surge in Australian touris...
6 Nov 2014
Japan home to world’s best whisky
Those who thought that the perfect dram of whisky would come from either Scotland or Ireland will be surprised to learn that the best a...
5 Nov 2014
Amsterdam Light Festival brightens up the Winter
Amsterdam will once again be lit up as the annual Light Festival illuminates the city this winter for more than fifty days.From Novembe...
4 Nov 2014
Tokyo considering smoking ban ahead of Olympics
Ahead of the 2020 Olympics and Paralympics in Tokyo, the city’s metropolitan government has actually created a special committee ...
Nevada celebrates 150 years
While October 31st is best known throughout the world as Halloween, those living in the state of Nevada have a completely different, ye...
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