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5 Feb 2014
Mexico continues partnership with Adventure Travel Trade Association
For the sixth year running, Mexico will join forces with the Adventure Travel Trade Association to encourage sustainable tourism growth...
20 Mar 2013
Mexico fears it may drop outside destination top ten
Mexico's tourism secretary has warned that the country may fall in the World Tourism Organization's (WTO) list of the ten top t...
3 Dec 2012
Mexico sees more tourism investment and arrivals
Mexico has benefited from rising visitor numbers and increasing investment in recent years, according to figures released by the countr...
14 Nov 2012
UK set to send more travellers to Mexico
Mexico's tourism secretary Gloria Guevara Manzo recently visited London to meet with leading travel companies and airlines, which r...
17 Jul 2012
Flights to Mexico proving popular this year
Flights to Mexico appear to be proving a popular option among travellers this year, with the country's tourism ministry releasing f...
20 Feb 2012
Mexico sets new international visitor record
Mexico's tourism industry set a new record last year, with 22.67m international travellers visiting the country.The figure represen...
31 Jan 2012
Mexican tourism undergoing a 'stunning transformation'
The coming year is set to be one of 'stunning transformation' for Mexico, according to the national tourist board.Following a s...
25 Jan 2012
Tourism campaign highlights Mexico's historic sites
Some of Mexico's most significant historical locations and attractions could receive a boost in profile as a result of a new touris...
29 Nov 2011
Mexico recommended for romantic holidays
Couples planning a romantic holiday or a honeymoon have been encouraged to consider visiting Mexico.Carmen Laborin of the Mexico Touris...
23 Sep 2011
Mexico's Riviera Maya boasts new attractions
The tourist board representing Mexico's Riviera Maya has announced details of some new attractions in the popular holiday region.Av...
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