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New York City

21 Aug 2014
NYC Abraham Lincoln exhibition to open in the New Year
People visiting New York will have the chance to learn more about one of the USA's most famous historical presidents at an upcoming...
20 Aug 2014
'Assyria to Iberia' exhibition opening in New York this September
At the end of next month, a new historical exhibition experience will begin at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.'Ass...
19 Aug 2014
Over 6 million visit New York's Metropolitan Museum
New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art has seen over six million visitors annually for three years running, it recently announced.Th...
'What's Up Doc' animation exhibition open in NYC
Last month saw the New York City opening of exhibition 'What’s Up, Doc? The Animation Art of Chuck Jones', which is curre...
12 Aug 2014
Horace Poolaw exhibition opens in New York
Photography of Native people in Oklahoma went on show last week as part of a new Horace Poolaw photography show in New York City. '...
7 Aug 2014
Italian Futurism show to close at Guggenheim
Travellers heading to New York in the next few weeks will be among the last people to get the chance to see the current Italian Futuris...
4 Aug 2014
A piece of sheet music.
New York's Museum of Modern Art (often simply called MoMa) is set to present an exhibition about designs related to music starting ...
25 Jul 2014
New York City.
Band The XX are set to take to the stage for a gig at The Guggenheim in New York City later this year, as part of an event to help rais...
21 Jul 2014
Picasso himself.
Visitors to New York City are set to get the chance to see 79 artworks as part of a new Cubism exhibition at The Metropolitan Museum of...
1 Jul 2014
Early Kandinsky exhibition opens in NYC
A new exhibition looking at Russian artist Vasily Kandinsky has just opened in New York.'Kandinsky Before Abstraction, 1901–1...
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