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20 Dec 2013
New Zealand to remain in the spotlight
New Zealand is a country that has gained more than most from playing a starring role on the silver screen and it is set to remain in th...
16 Oct 2013
Dates announced for New Zealand's biggest winter festival
The dates have been announced for the 40th annual Queenstown Winter Festival, which is the southern hemisphere's biggest celebratio...
27 Sep 2013
The old Air New Zealand livery will not be seen for much longer
The first sneak preview of Air New Zealand's new livery has been spotted above the Antipodean country this week, as a domestic airc...
2 Aug 2013
New Zealand city hoping to capitalise on its friendly image
Queenstown in New Zealand is looking to make the most of being voted of the world's friendliest cities. The South Island resor...
3 May 2013
Dave Dobbyn to kick off Queenstown Winter Festival
Kiwi music legend Dave Dobbyn is to be the first act to take to the stage at this year's Queenstown Winter Festival when it kicks o...
22 Apr 2013
New Zealand 'doesn't have to be expensive'
Holidaymakers seeking the home of Hobbits and Orcs might find New Zealand is slightly more expensive than they first thought, but the c...
11 Feb 2013
Briton runs length of New Zealand in 53 days
Briton Jez Bragg has recorded a remarkable feat of endurance after running the length of New Zealand in just 53 days, nine hours and on...
4 Feb 2013
Parrot robs Scottish tourist in New Zealand
A Scottish tourist lost NZD1,300 (£700) after his campervan was burgled by a parrot.Glaswegian Peter Leach had stopped to take pi...
24 Jan 2013
Tourists flocking to see New Zealand's most active volcano erupt
Thrill seekers are jumping on boats out of the Bay of Plenty in New Zealand in order to get close to the volcanic White Island. Over t...
28 Dec 2012
The Hobbit 'boosting New Zealand tourism'
New Zealand is set to see a surge in international visitors next year following the release of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.The fi...
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