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Chinese zoo attempts tourist con with domestic pets
16 Aug 2013
Chinese zoo attempts tourist con with domestic pets
A Chinese zoo has come under fire for trying to advertise domestic pets as exotic animals.Among the most audacious tricks pulled by the attraction in the city of Luohe was an attempt to pass off a Tib ...... Read more >
21 Jul 2014
Picasso himself.
Visitors to New York City are set to get the chance to see 79 artworks as part of a new Cubism exhibition at The Metropolitan Museum of...
14 Jul 2014
Taiwan Tourism Bureau reports big increase in UK tourists.
So far in 2014 there has been an almost 50 per cent increase in UK travellers visiting Taiwan, according to the Taiwan Tourism Bureau.S...
4 Apr 2014
Report reveals cheapest holiday destinations
A new report has revealed the cheapest holiday destinations for people in the UK, with the study based on the cost ...
21 Jan 2014
London overtaking Paris as most-visited city
London looks set to overthrow Paris as the world's most-visited city, after a huge surge in arrivals in 2013. In the first nin...
11 Oct 2013
Flights continuing despite US shutdown
Flights in US airspace are continuing as normal, despite the ongoing shutdown affecting federal departments. MasFlight data shows ...
12 Sep 2013
BA rolling out hand-baggage-only fares at Heathrow and London City
British Airways is preparing to roll out its hand-baggage-only fares at Heathrow and London City after the scheme proved popular at Gat...
3 Jul 2013
Cinemas and sleep pods top airport wishlist
Waiting in airports can be pretty tedious, especially if your flight has been delayed or cancelled. In order to find out what coul...
28 Jun 2013
Sweden enjoying tourism boom
Sweden's tourism sector is outperforming the rest of the economy, new figures have shown. According to a report from the Swedi...
26 Mar 2013
Wine and The Beatles in Tenerife this April
Visitors to Tenerife next month will be able to enjoy a unique combination of fine wine and the music of The Beatles.As well as being T...
5 Feb 2013
History re-written in Leicester
The news microscope is currently focused on the city of Leicester after archaeologists revealed that a skeleton found underneath a car ...