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Airport restrictions may be relaxed

11 Sep 2006

It has been revealed that the current restrictions on hand luggage at airports may be relaxed in the near future.

Transport secretary Douglas Alexander has stated that the restrictions, which were put in place amid concerns of a large-scale terror plot last month, could be revoked in the near future.

Mr Alexander, speaking on Sky News' Sunday Live programme, commented: 'We have already changed significantly the regime that was in place for the first few days to the regime that is in place at present. But if there are further steps that we can take, consistent with security, we will lose no time in putting in place those changes.'

Passengers have complained over the new regulations which have been imposed, because of the inconvenience that they have caused, while their continued implementation has led to questions over how much the additional safety features will be costing both airlines and airports.

Mr Alexander confirmed that he had been meeting with UK airlines and airports in recent days to look at relaxing the rules and added that further discussions are set to take place this week.

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