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Airline food report

2 Oct 2006

A report has been produced which looks at the standard of airline food.

Traditionally the food received during a flight has been lambasted for being of poor quality, but a new report by the Sunday Times shows there has been some improvement.

A travel expert for the newspaper said he believes economy class meals are not very healthy, with a recent survey in the US finding most meals contain more than 1,000 calories.

However, some airlines perform better than others, with British Airways offering meals with an average 534 calories per meal, making its food the healthiest.

The newspaper says that because passengers sit still for so long during a flight, they do not get the chance to burn off the calories, therefore making the meals unhealthier.

However, the standard of aeroplane food has improved, with all major airlines allowing passengers to order a special meal for their flight if they get in touch at least 24 hours before take off.

This means passengers can choose to have a vegetarian, vegan or low-fat option.

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