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Flight surcharges to stay

9 Oct 2006

The Centre for Global Energy Studies (CGES) says airline passengers can expect to pay surcharges for some time yet.

It comes as the price of oil falls and some groups are calling for the charges to be dropped.

A number of airlines have removed the charges but some of the biggest companies have failed to and the CGES says this is only fair.

'We are expecting airlines to act very quickly if we are expecting the surcharges to be removed already,' CGES spokesman Julian Lee told BBC One's Breakfast programme.

'It was only two months ago that crude oil prices were at $80 [£42] a barrel, they are now around $60 [£32] a barrel. This is still a very short-term fluctuation.

'Companies will need to believe that these prices have eased for the foreseeable future before they start I think to withdraw some of the surcharges,' he added.

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