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Airbus job cuts

11 Oct 2006

The new chief executive officer (CEO) of Airbus has delivered a grave warning to the company's staff.

Louis Gallios has spoken out after former CEO, Christian Streiff, stepped down following major delays to the production of the firm's new A380 super jumbo.

Mr Gallios' has warned workers that as a result of the delays many of them may face losing their job.

Speaking to the BBC, he said that the company would need to implement a cost-cutting strategy which would include "eliminations of posts, and we will have to pose questions about sites".

Mr Gallios went on to confirm his warning by adding that "there will be job loses" and that whatever takes place will happen "after several months of work".

The whole A380 saga is proving to be rather an embarrassing and costly one for Airbus, with the first plane not set to be ready until October 2007.

Airbus will be expected to pay fines to the airlines that have already placed orders for the super jumbos.

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