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Lufthansa surcharge changes

12 Oct 2006

German airline Lufthansa has announced that it will be dropping its surcharge for all intercontinental flights.

It comes in response to a recent drop in the price of crude oil over the last few weeks.

Travellers buying tickets on or after 16 October 2006 will be charged 10 (£6.70) less than those who purchase tickets before that date.

The move does not affect flights between European states and customers buying tickets on these flights will continue to pay the same surcharge.

Lufthansa has cited its modern, fuel efficient fleet and the company's forward-looking attitude as the reason it has been able to take advantage of the fall in oil prices.

Despite the recent price drop, crude oil remains at a very high price and Lufthansa says it is constantly monitoring prices and adjusts its surcharges accordingly.

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