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Virgin considers mobile service

16 Oct 2006

Virgin Atlantic has acknowledged that there is a demand for in-flight mobile phone use.

The airline says it is aware that a scheme allowing passengers to use their phones onboard would prove popular with many, but remains wary of introducing one just yet.

Virgin has said that it will look into ways of introducing the service on its flights without irritating other passengers.

'We believe that many passengers will not want this service on long-haul flights so we are taking a practical approach and seeing how we could introduce it in an acceptable way,' said Anna Knowles, a spokesperson for Virgin Atlantic.

A recent survey by Skytrax found that 84% of passengers would not like to see mobile phone-use introduced on flights.

However, with many passengers, business travellers in particular, wanting to be able to stay in touch with people as they travel, it may not be too long before some kind of compromise has to be reached.

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