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Oprah in India

5 Dec 2006

American chat show superstar Oprah Winfrey is reportedly planning a holiday in India.

The star, who has been hosting The Oprah Winfrey Show since 1986, is believed to be hoping to visit the country in February next year.

Her visit is not strictly a vacation however, as it appears that she will be doing a lot of charity work while there, reports the Times of India.

The news that Oprah may be visiting the country was leaked by sources at charity organisations which said she will be stopping off in New Delhi.

She is thought to be planning on carrying out work as part of her charity network development project which focuses on helping young girls in third-world countries.

If rumours are to believed Oprah will not be alone during her visit. Word is spreading that Hollywood actress Meg Ryan will also be visiting the country alongside her friend.

Meg has visited India a number of times, while Oprah would be making her first trip, although she has spoken of her fondness for the country many times, once describing the country as having "the most beautiful people in the world".

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