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Eating in front of the pyramids

20 Mar 2007

There is nothing better than settling down once on holiday and eating a meal in front of a fantastic backdrop.

Usually that involves eating by the sea at sunset or tucking into a meal in a picturesque village or town.

However, Deepak Ohri wants to create the ultimate holiday meal by offering tourists the chance to eat in front of the Pyramids of Giza.

Mr Ohri, who is the managing director of the luxurious Lebua hotel in Bangkok, Thailand, has organised for 500 people to attend the meal.

Tickets have not yet been priced but when they do it is guaranteed that they will cost less than £5,000.

That may seem like a hefty price but is a big reduction on the price of a meal at the last event of this kind which was thrown by Mr Ohri.

He was behind the 'meal of a lifetime' which was prepared by six three-star Michelin chefs and cost a whopping £12,5000 per head.

This time round the banquet will be prepared by 30 three-star Michelin chefs in a half-mile-long kitchen.

Mr Ohri has promised that any profit made from the event will go to charity.

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