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Expert gives advice on staying safe while skiing

Expert gives advice on staying safe while skiing
15 Jan 2014

As holidays go, a ski break is one of the most exhilarating and potentially dangerous vacations you can take. 

With taking a tumble or three par for the course on a skiing holiday, it's easy to end up nursing an injury.

In order to help reduce the risks of a ski trip, a consultant orthopaedic surgeon at London Bridge Hospital has revealed his top five tips for staying safe on the piste. 

Speaking to the Express, Andrew Davies advised skiers to:

Get fit

'The greatest single cause of injury is a lack of fitness,' he says. In order to prepare your body for the rigours of skiing, it's important to get in shape in the weeks leading up to your trip. It's also easy to forget you'll be skiing at high altitude, where there is less oxygen and you'll feel out of breath very quickly if you're not fit. 

Be honest about your ability

If your bindings are too tight, you'll be at a greater risk of injury if you are only a beginner. Davies advises you to be honest about your skills at the hire shop. 

Don't drink and ski

Although apres ski is an important part of a winter break, being drunk on the piste is a recipe for disaster. It could also invalidate your travel insurance. 'You wouldn’t drive after a bottle of wine, would you?' Davies points out.

Make sure your boots fit properly

The expert warns that having your boots done up too loosely can reduce the amount of control you have, increasing the chance you'll have a crash. 

Obey the rules of the mountain

Be aware of the presence of others. 'As a general rule you should always expect the worst from your fellow skiers,' Davies advises. 

Despite taking these precautions you cannot guarantee you won't get hurt, so make sure you've got travel insurance. Forgoing accident cover on a ski trip is described by Axa Insurance as 'playing financial Russian Roulette'. ADNFCR-408-ID-801682602-ADNFCR

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