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Fat Biking introduced to UAE

Fat biking introduced to UAE
4 Feb 2014

Fat biking has found its way to the United Arab Emirates, with the Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort by Anantara becoming the first in the Middle East to introduce the niche sport as 
a guest activity.

The 'fat' in fat biking refers to the huge 12cm-wide tyres used, which allow riders to tackle challenging terrain and makes them the perfect vehicles for exploring the sand peaks of Abu Dhabi's Rub al-Khali or Empty Quarter - the world's largest uninterrupted sand mass.

'Fat bikes actually came into being in the 1870s in Alaska when they were used as a means of transport, as their thick tyres could tackle the snow,' explained Amer Braik, Anantara's area director of environmental and cultural activities for Abu Dhabi.

'[Riding] on the dunes outside Qasr Al Sarab is a great workout for anyone. In a session of one-and-a-half to two hours, guests can travel between seven to ten kilometres amid some of the most stunning scenery in Arabia.'

While a desert of dunes might seem like an unlikely place to visit, fat biking is just one of several action-packed activities visitors to this part of the Middle East can enjoy.

Camel trekking

Although fat biking is fun, it's not exactly a traditional method of getting around. Embrace the local culture by jumping atop a camel to trek across the dunes. 

Sand boarding and skiing

Another popular and quirky activity on the towering sand dunes of Abu Dhabi to strap on a board or pair of skis and slide down the sand as if you were on-piste in the Alps.

The world’s largest dunes are found at the Liwa Oasis on the edges of the Empty Quarter, providing visitors with an impressive 300m of descent. 

4x4 driving

If you find riding a camel a bit uncomfortable, hire a 4x4 instead and set off with other like-minded drivers - never drive in the desert alone - to explore the dunes on four wheels. ADNFCR-408-ID-801689700-ADNFCR

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