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Simon Reeve shares his travel secrets at Destinations Show

Simon Reeve shares his travel secrets at Destinations Show
6 Feb 2014

TV travel personality Simon Reeve has been sharing his vast experience with visitors to Destinations: The Holiday & Travel Show in London. 

The presenter of popular BBC documentaries such as 'Australia' and 'Pilgrimage', who has visited more than 100 countries, many of them more than once, talked about his brushes with danger, including getting into the water with deadly box jellyfish Down Under. 

As well as trusting his team, Reeve said that having a film crew around made him think that he was surrounded by a 'BBC force field', until he realised that the 'crocs don't know you're from the BBC' as he was forcibly removed from the water. 

The only time he really didn't have control over the situation, however, was when his armed jeep encountered another at a junction in an African war zone. Reeve said that thankfully 'wise heads' prevailed, before he quipped that they were then able to head off to 'the next life-threatening situation'. 

Reeve also talked about the scare he received when he contracted malaria - an experience that inspired him to become an ambassador for the Malaria Awareness Campaign.

As well answering questions on his more recent and best-known series, he shared his memories of visiting the 'Places That Don't Exist' on one of his earliest adventures for the BBC in 2005 - breakaway nations that are not internationally recognised as countries, such as Abkhazia and Taiwan. 

For his next programme, Reeve revealed that he is filming features on 'sacred rivers' including the Ganges and the Nile, and is also trying to line up a series on the Caribbean, where he plans to visit not only the islands that people most closely associate with the sea, but also the mainland countries that surround it in South, Central and North America. 

And when one member of the audience asked if he would like to visit every country in the world, the Londoner answered that there isn't a single place he wouldn't travel to. ADNFCR-408-ID-801690989-ADNFCR

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