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Quirky holiday activities

Quirky holiday activities
13 Feb 2014

It might sound like something from a James Bond film, but according to a company that manufactures them, jetpacks could soon be coming to a beach near you. 

X-Jetpacks has been preparing a more user friendly version of its early models that could be used safely by thrill-seeking holidaymakers enjoying their vacations, Gizmag reports. The result of this design work is the H3X, which was unveiled last month at a trade show in Dusseldorf.

The natty thing about the invention is that it works in conjunction with a regular jetski, and it is the throttle control of the rider on it that powers the jetpack, which in turn pulls the jetski along. This means that a tour guide or parent riding the ski is in control of the jetpack user, meaning that they can't speed off out of control. 

To celebrate this pioneering piece of kit, let's look at some previous inventions that transformed holidays:


At first the self-balancing, two-wheeled Segway seemed like a bizarre novelty, but across the world tour companies have cottoned on to the idea that they make for a great way to do some sightseeing in a city, as you can see more without getting tired. 

Increasingly, more robust models are also being used to provide exhilarating off-road experiences as well. 

Stand up paddleboarding

Stand up paddleboarding, or SUP, as it is commonly known, began as a niche sport in Hawaii but has since spread around the globe - people are even doing it on the Thames nowadays. 

A hybrid or surfing and kayaking, SUP involves standing on a wide surfboard and propelling themselves using a paddle. It is a great way for exploring lakes, rivers and hidden coves, and skilled proponents can also catch waves and ride them like a surfer. 

Being unobtrusive, people often experience close wildlife encounters while doing SUP, while being stood up gives you a better view than if you're sat in a kayak. It's also an excellent upper body workout. ADNFCR-408-ID-801693490-ADNFCR

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