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Label designed to defeat baggage thieves

Label designed to defeat baggage thieves
19 Feb 2014

A company has invented a new kind of luggage security solution that it hopes will deter thieves. 

Tamperguard's Tamperlock heat-resistant labels mean that a would-be criminal can not gain entry to a bag without leaving a trace - unlike suitcases fitted with traditional locks. 

This makes it less appealing for people to try to remove or insert items into luggage fitted with Tamperlock. 

'Most people don't realise the value in protecting their bags because they haven't experienced theft issues while travelling,' commented William Drori, president of Tamperguard, who invented Tamperlock. 

'However, luggage theft is far more prevalent than people think. It only takes one time for your entire world to be thrown off balance.'

Tamperlock is far from the first baggage innovation designed to make passengers' lives easier. Here's a few more examples of creative luggage solutions:

Digital bag tag

British Airways has created a digital bag tag, which it hopes will eliminate the need to get a new paper one printed each time you fly. Using a smartphone, passengers wirelessly send their latest flight information to the luggage tag before dropping it off at the check-in desk. 

Robot suitcase

In 2012, a joint team from Madrid, London and Umea unveiled Hop! the following suitcase, which was nominated for the prestigious James Dyson Award. 

With receivers placed inside the lining, the Hop! case is able to drive along behind the passenger by following their mobile phone signal. If the signal is lost, the bag locks and the phone vibrates to alert the passenger. 

However, with clear security and practical issues thrown up by today's crowded airports, it's unclear if the Hop! will catch on. 


While Tamperlock is about stopping people from tampering with your bags, FinderCodes' aim is to reunite you with lost luggage. 

When someone finds your missing item, they scan the QR code on the label, which alerts you through the FinderCodes software. You can then meet the person to collect your bag or they can chose to send it to you using the Re-Turnit service. ADNFCR-408-ID-801695189-ADNFCR

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