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Travellers express desire to go green

Travellers express desire to go green
28 Feb 2014

The majority of people base their travel decisions on how environmentally friendly a company is, according to new research. 

In total 66% of those surveyed said that being green has at least some influence on their travel purchases, while just 28% said a company's eco efforts have no affect at all on their decision. 

Almost one in ten (9%) of those questioned said they always prefer to travel with green companies, while 24% said they usually prefer eco-friendly firms as long as price and convenience aren't compromised. 

Respondents also expressed concerns that eco-friendly initiatives should be truly sustainable and not just marketing gimmicks. 

'These results indicate that travellers are environmentally aware, and we anticipate that being green will become more important to purchase decisions," commented John McCarthy, president of the GO Group, which carried out the research.

'Companies that find ways to become more eco-conscious while still delivering economical, safe and high-quality services will have an advantage over competitors.'

If you're worried about your carbon footprint when you go on holiday, here are a few suggestions for how to reduce your impact on the environment:

Carbon offsetting

Many airlines, including Virgin Atlantic and Qantas, offer passengers the chance to take part in carbon offsetting programmes. This involves the traveller paying a small fee based on their share of the plane's emissions towards carbon management projects, such as clean energy solutions in developing countries. 

Fly direct

When you book, try to get a direct service as the take-offs and landings use a lot of fuel. Other ways to reduce emissions include travelling lighter, which burns less fuel; booking economy (more seats means fewer emissions per person); and flying during the daytime (airline contrails reflect sunlight). 


You can start reducing your carbon footprint before you even get to the airport by taking the train instead of driving there and parking in the car park. If you're heading off on a city break, once you arrive, take the train into town instead of booking a shuttle and try to walk between the sights instead of catching cabs. ADNFCR-408-ID-801699414-ADNFCR

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