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Sterling has strengthened against the US dollar

Sterling-US dollar exchange rate positive for Brits
22 Apr 2014

Brits jetting off for a holiday in the US will be able to benefit from the most favourable exchange rate between sterling and the US dollar since 2009.

A combination of factors has led to sterling strengthening against the dollar, including positive economic growth and the falling unemployment rate in the UK, as well as recent comments from Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen, who suggested lower interest rates are required in the US to boost the country’s economy.

Currently, holidaymakers can expect to receive around $1.65 for every £1, which means for every £500 exchanged, Brits will get almost $100 more than they did a year ago, according to the Telegraph.

‘The pound has been making strong and steady progress in recent weeks and is now up 13% against the US dollar compared to only nine months ago,’ a Travelex spokesperson told the newspaper.

Sterling has also made gains against the euro, the Australian dollar, the Turkish lira and the Swedish kroner, among other currencies, in recent months - all of which adds up to good news for Brits travelling abroad.


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