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Money tips offered to travellers

Money tips offered to travellers
13 Jun 2014

In the excitement of booking a holiday, it can be easy to forget about the financial implications of jetting off somewhere exciting.

To help travellers plan their money - and get great deals on everything from insurance to currency exchange - the Telegraph has put together a few tips.

For example, the newspaper revealed that, provided you pay your bill on time, using your credit card to pay for things on holiday is one of the cheapest ways to go, with some providers not even charging a fee for using ATMs overseas.

Another piece of advice is to carefully compare travel insurance policies to make sure you’re getting the best deal - and to remember that the cheapest policy won’t necessarily be the best one for your needs.

Earlier this month, insurer Navigator Travel warned students in particular to make sure they buy insurance, stressing that people often don’t realise how high the cost of an emergency evacuation can be.

The Telegraph also recommended that holidaymakers book well in advance if they will need airport parking for the duration of their trip, as this can result in considerable savings rather than paying when you arrive.


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