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Paris to remove love locks from bridges

Paris to remove love locks from bridges
13 Jun 2014

Thousands of couples who have placed love locks on Parisian bridges will see the tokens of their affections removed over the coming weeks.

Authorities in the French capital have decided that 37 grills adorned with thousands of the padlocks need to go, following the collapse of one grill on the Pont des Arts bridge earlier this week.

Thankfully no one was injured in the incident, but it has resulted in proposals to take down thousands of the locks to prevent a similar thing from happening again.

Grills covered in locks from the Pont des Artes and Pont des l’Archeveche will now be replaced, and the authorities in the city are discussing what measures to put in place to stop people attaching padlocks to the bridges.

For instance, the police have been asked to dissuade anyone from selling padlocks on or near the city’s bridges, in the hope that this will make it more difficult for couples to attach a love lock.


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