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Cat cafes are here to stay

Cat cafes are here to stay
16 Jun 2014

Cat cafes - when the concept first arrived in the UK many thought it was just a fad that would disappear as time went on.

However, the idea of being able to enjoy your cup of tea with a furry companion seems to have caught on, according to CNN.

The news agency revealed that the cat cafe that has opened in London is here to stay, while other European cities are beginning to embrace the idea as well.

New York even tried the concept with a temporary cat-friendly establishment and it seemed to go down well on the other side of the Atlantic too.

Even the Aussies are getting in on the act, with the country’s first cat cafe due to open in July this year in Melbourne.

Owner of Katzentempel in Munich Thomas Leidner explained that the concept is so popular because ‘many people are not allowed, or are disinclined to have pets in the city, yet they occasionally feel the need for closeness to an animal’.

Taiwan was home to the first-ever cat cafe back in 1998, with the concept then spreading to Japan in 2004 and moving on to many other nations in the past few years.


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