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Travellers in Europe allowed to use phones on flights

Travellers in Europe allowed to use phones on flights
3 Oct 2014

People travelling throughout Europe will be able to fully use their portable electronic devices (PED) throughout flights, The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has confirmed.

Prior to this, tablets and smartphones could only be used once the aircraft was airborne with the airplane mode in use. Once the new guidelines come into play, travellers will be able to use their devices just as they would on any other form of transportation.

However, the decision actually lies within each individual airline as to whether or not they will allow this change, and if so, when it will come into play. In order for airlines to decide what their guidelines will be, they will have to go through an assessment process to ensure that the transmission signals from the PEDs won’t have any affect on the aircraft systems.

EASA said of the new policy: "This is the latest regulatory step toward enabling the ability to offer 'gate-to-gate' telecommunication or Wifi services."


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