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San Diego’s SeaWorld welcomes a new addition

San Diego‚€ôs SeaWorld welcomes a new addition
20 Oct 2014

There were celebrations aplenty at San Diego’s SeaWorld at the weekend as the world famous aquatic park has welcomed a new baby dolphin to its family.

On Saturday afternoon, 13 year old Sadie gave birth to the park’s 80th bottlenose dolphin. The healthy 40 pound calf is Sadie’s second delivery and will be a younger sibling for her first calf, five year old Kailani Koa, who was born in 2009, according to the Times of San Diego.

Trainers and veterinarians at the Southern California SeaWorld said that both Sadie and her new calf are healthy and have been enjoying their first couple of days together bonding and swimming. However, the next few days will be critical in ensuring that both mother and calf are monitored to ensure their breathing and nursing is going to plan.

The calf’s gender is yet to be confirmed and it is believed that it will take a few weeks to be able to do this, but those planning a trip to San Diego can look forward to visiting Sadie and her family.


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