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National dishes around the world

National dishes around the world
29 Oct 2014

For many people, when heading to a new destination, one of the most exciting things can be experiencing the country’s national dish. Not only does it give you a real feel for the culture, but , let’s face it, any excuse to try new food is a good one.

With this in mind, here are some of the national dishes from some of the most popular holiday destinations that you must try.


Oh Canada! Not only do we have to thank the Canadians for bringing us maple syrup and ginger ale, but those who are planning a trip can look forward to sampling a dish known as Poutine.

This may sound exotic, but the reality is that Canada’s national dish is pretty much cheesy chips and gravy. A messy mix of fries, cheese curds and gravy, it is delicious, regardless of how it looks.


While Belgium may be famed for its delicious chocolates, make sure you take the time to sample some Moules et Frites, best known to you and I as mussels and chips.

Served in large steaming pots with a savory broth, it is a very popular dish with tourists and locals alike and is best enjoyed with a cold Belgian beer. That’s just a recommendation though.


Peru is another country which has opted for fish as its national dish. The Ceviche is essentially raw fish that is marinated in a lemon and limbe-based mixture for about three hours.

The Ceviche is such a loved dish that it even has its own national day named after it. Make sure you celebrate it on June 28th.


A trip to the Emerald Isle isn’t complete without a bowl of Irish Stew and a side of soda bread to dip into it.

Made using lamb, potatoes, carrots and leeks, this warming and hearty meal pairs really well with a pint of Guinness - just saying.


Head Stateside to sample the world’s best hamburgers, where depending on the state in which you visit, the toppings and menus will change.

If you happen to be passing through New Haven in Connecticut, pop in to Louis’ Lunch, which claims to be the oldest hamburger restaurant in the USA, having opened in 1900. Of course, hamburgers and milkshakes go together as a dream pairing, so make sure to enjoy a thick chocolate or vanilla beverage.ADNFCR-408-ID-801757058-ADNFCR

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