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The Sistine Chapel gets a makeover

The Sistine Chapel gets a makeover
30 Oct 2014

The Sistine Chapel has been a focal part of the Vatican for over 500 years, and is the building in which popes are elected, but the time has come to give it a bit of a makeover.

The Vatican has confirmed that the Sistine Chapel will soon be benefiting from a high-tech lighting and air-conditioning system.

Approximately six million tourists visit the chapel every year to take in this important historical part of the Catholic religion and, of course, to witness Michelangelo’s ceiling and his offering of the Last Judgment which is featured on the altar wall.

It is hoped that the new systems will help to better preserve the Sistine Chapel and make it a better place for tourists to visit.

The new air-conditioning system will help to reduce damage to the works of art by protecting it from dust as well as the breath, sweat and heat from the many visitors. It will no doubt be a welcomed new feature given that the current system was installed 20 years ago.

The new illumination system, which will be made up of 7,000 LED lights, is being integrated in a bid to save energy by 90% as well as help to highlight the Sistine Chapel’s features.

Of the LED lights, some are aimed to highlight the deep blue background of The Last Judgment, offering a completely new way of viewing the masterpiece.

With these new features, 2,000 visitors will be able to enjoy all that the Sistine Chapel has to offer at any one time without causing damage. However the Vatican will be putting a limit on how many people can enter it per day of 20,000 in an effort to help further maintain it.

The Sistine Chapel was originally lit by natural sunlight when it opened in 1483, however the natural light had to be shut out back in the 1980s as it was gradually causing the pieces of art that it houses to fade.ADNFCR-408-ID-801757503-ADNFCR

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